Dongyang dingda Leather Co., Ltd

Talent Idea

    Leather to respect the people, the pursuit of excellence as the core of the spirit of the enterprise standards, innovation oriented business philosophy, respect for people, caring people, the development of human philosophy. All peer solidarity, good governance, in a number of areas explores unceasingly enterprising, create a good business performance, showing that set up the vitality of the healthy development of the cause of leather.

Great career needs first-class talent, great cause to create first-class talent!

Our concept of talent training is the common growth of the company and employees". Adhering to this concept, we have a wealth of design in staff training and development. New employee orientation is incorporated into the management of the guidance system and provide institutional guarantee for the new employees in a short period of time dissolved company, rapid increase in business level.

If you are talented, can rise head and shoulders above others!