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The identification methods of zipper

Issuing time:2021-06-04 10:37

Zipper quality commonly used methods of identification:

Cloth with: cloth with stained uniform, undefiled, no scars, and soft to the touch, vertically or horizontally, cloth belt wavy.
Teeth: to smooth the surface of the teeth, pull Kai feel soft and smooth, and less noise.
Slider: self-locking zipper pull Kai ease, locking without slipping.
Patch: patch closely cloth belt, prone to breaking off.
Box hosel: interspersed freely, fastening cloth belt.
Ended, the next stop:
on only to be closely linked to the first particle teeth (metal, nylon), but the distance can not be more than 1mm solidperfect.
next stop closely teeth or pliers on top, and solid perfect.
Appendix: zipper length tolerances
Zipper in the production process, the integrity of the of inertia arising in the speed of the mechanical operation of theteeth and consider chain, the fastener will appear allowable tolerances, and the longer the length, the greater the allowable tolerances.
Germany, Japan, YKK tolerance table:
German DIN, 3419 2.1
Zipper length (mm) tolerances
+-5mm 250 or less
250-1000 less than +-10mm
1000-5000 under + -1%
More than 5000 +-50mm
Germany, Japan, YKK tolerance table:
Japanese YKK the new century Expo exhibitors zipper tolerance
Zipper length (mm) tolerances
Below 30 +-5mm
60-100 under the age of +-15mm
1000-5000 under + -1%
More than 100 + -3%

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