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The policy lead the develop of leather

Issuing time:2021-06-04 10:37

For a long time, the industry is fragmented, especially some of the smaller tanning corporate environmental shabby, there is chaos row misplacing environmental issues, so some people do not understand the industry's tanning industry generates misunderstanding and prejudice, to the entire the development of the industry has had a negative impact. Since the financial crisis, the state has recognized the leather industry the same with the big industry, light industry bear the prosperity of the market, increasing exports, the important task of expanding employment service "three rural" is an important industry of the national economy, the economic and social development from a pivotal role in re-examine and positioning the development of the industry, to take active measures to guide the healthy development of the industry. In particular, the financial crisis is more serious in the second half of 2008, General Secretary Hu Jintao, Premier Wen Jiabao has three in-depth tanning and downstream shoe and leather business survey, released a positive signal of the state support for the leather business, with great encouragement to the development of the industry . Since then, the national ministries successively intensive introduction the tannery and policy measures to guide the development of the industry.
Ten adjust the industrial revitalization plan often released by the State Council, the leather industry into a "light industry restructuring and revitalization plan" to promote industrial restructuring Industry Promotion focus by expanding domestic demand, technological innovation and independent innovation, energy conservation, eliminate backward, brand building, mergers and reorganizations, promote industrial upgrading. Clear upgrade the leather industry into areas of policy support, and strengthen financial support. Changed by past blindly regulation to promote industrial restructuring and upgrading.
Moreover, at the National Development and Reform Commission published in the "industrial restructuring Catalog (2011)," "clean production of leather and fur processing, leather finishing the development of new technology and key equipment manufacturing, leather waste comprehensive utilization; leather chrome tanning wastewater recycling, trivalent chromium sludge the utilization; ashless expansion (help) agent, ammonia-free deliming (help) agent, pickling salt (to help) agents, high exhaustion chrome tanning agent (help) , natural plant tanning agent, water-based finishes (RB) agent grade leather with functional chemical products development, production and application "as encouraged.
At the same time, the market access threshold conditions. In addition to "industrial policy guidance directory (in 2011 this)" expressly limit the annual processing of raw hides ability 200,000 standard sheets of leather below the production line and annual processing blue wet leather capacity 100,000 standard sheets of leather below the production line, eliminated the annual processing of raw hides capacity 5 000 standard sheets of leather and the annual processing of wet blue leather capacity below 30000 standard sheets of leather tanning production line, some provinces and even take the lead in the access measures that are more stringent than the national level, the industry guide policy provisions as Zhejiang Province, introduced in 2010, The annual processing tannery 200,000 total phase-out. Tanning Province, Fujian Province, in 2010 the introduction of government documents, all closed before the end of 2010, 30,000; 100,000 less than 2011 years ago to shut down; 300 000 2014 Close The country some places do not allow the project for the scale of new projects 300,000.
Industrial policy that environmental policy is more stringent. May 19, 2011, the Ministry of Environmental Protection announced to the public in the form of a "Notice No. 39 of 2011, 2010 comply with environmental requirements the tannery list (batch), a total of 24 industry called tanning corporate environmental standards "red list". The announcement that its new (changed "suspend approval for the tanning business is not included in the announcement, the environmental protection departments at all levels, expansion) construction project environmental impact assessment documents shall provide a wide range of environmental special funds to support shall not entertain applications for environmental verification of its listed the qualified not allowed to issue any aspect (including Health the Piga workers trade) environmental standards or law-abiding documents the provincial environmental protection department and environmental supervision centers should strengthen environmental law enforcement and regulatory tanning business daily, especially for not included The announcement list tannery To enhance inspection on site, for violation of the environmental protection laws, according to the law strictly and severely fast punishment. "which means" red list "outside tanning business only through industry verification, environmental compliance, in order to further their development. "Red List" is also a dynamic management, as long as there is the issue of environmental protection, immediately by the "red" change "black." Foreseeable future, the tanning industry in particular does not meet the environmental requirements of the enterprise to scale new projects will be more and more difficult.
On the export side, the current international trade situation of China's export products is quite grim. Anti-dumping investigation of leather export products in China, has spread to developing countries from developed countries. The direct cause of this situation, first of all, due to the slow economic recovery, demand for traditional markets of developed countries in Europe and the United States weakened change in consumption habits, and may even appear; Second, developing countries with similar economic model in the developed countries' exports decline, mainly relying on the expansion of domestic demand to support economic development. China's light industrial products in addition to facing more intense competition in traditional export markets, the development of the emerging markets have encountered strong resistance. For the protection of the national labor force, the level of international specialization degradation trend exacerbated by trade protectionism in the world to maintain the interests of their own, some enterprises.
Compared with other light industries such as paper making, brewing, tanning industry consolidation, reorganization reshuffle has only just begun, lead the industry consolidation, on the the shuffle and healthy development of the road, the national ministries played a series of policy combination punches its intention is clear, is to help big pressure on the small, great loss. Future the tanning business competition exacerbated the inevitable result of industry consolidation, shuffling asked to produce a number of big and strong leather enterprises, leading the leather industry in China to grow stronger and healthy development. The tannery prophet first solution in the industry has begun or are being prepared. We believe that, after the integration of China's leather industry will enter a new era!

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